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Of all the beaches in the world…what’s my favorite?

Everybody loves a beach. And in my job I’ve nestled my toes into the sand of the best of them. From Hawaii to Greece from Jamaica to Bali and all over the Americas: North, Central and South. My highest rated beaches range from Frenchmen’s Cove in Jamaica to a small tiny crescent shaped thing at [...]
Samantha Brown

The Indignities of Air Travel

I have yet to go through a full body scanner.  Is it wrong that I’m disappointed? Unbelievably I hadn’t been on a plane from mid-January since before the holidays thereby missing not only the “Don’t touch my junk hysteria “ but two major snowstorms.  Do I know how to plan a hiatus or what? So [...]
Samantha Brown

What’s on my bucket list?

You may find it surprising but there are places I haven’t been, many places in fact –entire countries actually! I love to travel so much that I even dream of travel WHILE traveling. For instance last year at this time I was on my way to Vietnam (a dream of mine) and while on a [...]
Samantha Brown

Retro retreat in Palm Springs

The Rat Pack in the 60′s is a lifestyle we would all want to live, oh what I would do to be an olive in Sinatra’s dry martini…if only for a weekend.  That’s what the episode is all about.  Weekends allow us time to get away but how about time travel? Palm Springs is a [...]
Samantha Brown

Enjoying the Greek Islands…even in the rain

First day of shooting was snorkeling. I have never been a fan. Snorkeling scares me, but the subject was enough to keep my nerves at bay. Underwater archeology. My guide Peter was a serious man who felt passionate about his subject. People who are that smart have a difficulty in pleasant conversation. His brain was [...]
Samantha Brown

Back in the Big Easy!

I believe this is my fourth time shooting in New Orleans and I simply never tire of it. The people, food, culture and architecture make it one of the most interesting places in the world. We are starting the shoot off with something very dear to my heart: animal rescue. I used to give my [...]
Samantha Brown

Hail Me a Cab … in Napa

Napa Valley (as well as Sonoma) is home to some of the most beautiful, heart melting landscapes in the world. It has a slight European flare due to the wineries emulating old world chateaus but it is unmistakably American in its spirit of True Grit ambition. I was therefore very excited to meet Bo Barret [...]
Samantha Brown

1,000 smiles in Thailand

Thailand is one of those places everyone dreams of going to. Even its slogan sounds alluring: “Land of 1,000 Smiles,” although, the recent events in Bangkok might put a small question mark on that statement. We started off in the capital city, moving on to Chang Mai and then Krabi Province. So we start with [...]
Samantha Brown

Day off in Hong Kong

I arrived in Hong Kong with the energy of a bag of cement. Our shoot in Vietnam was an extremely ambitious and strenuous itinerary that left me physically and emotionally empty. With Vietnam, I gave everything I had so coming to Hong Kong gave me the feeling of being through a tough break-up where emotionally you just don’t want [...]
Samantha Brown

Cambodians: The Irish of Southeast Asia

Just like parents who “equally” love all their children, as a traveler I don’t like to admit that I have a favorite, but I do. Out of the eight countries visited in the Asia series, Cambodia was my favorite. I knew from the beginning that this was a different place. Landing anywhere in Asia makes [...]
Samantha Brown